Tantra Brenda

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Name: Tantra Brenda
Address: canary wharf, London, Central
Phone Number: 07746441455
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Tantra Massage
Chakra Balance Massage
Masculine and Feminine Massage
Breathe Work
Therapists introduction
The body is exquisitely gifted to hold and store experiences within, often we have unresolved feelings around an experience, and as the body stores it with clear unconscious remembrance, it starts building up as a shield, that we use as armor to protect ourselves against new experiences that might possibly be traumatic. Within this we stay stagnant – we stay with the first initial experience and this withholds us from any present or future experiences.

With a touch session – I work directly with the body, as this is where unresolved feelings took a resting place. With gentle energetic touch, the body starts to wake up and recognize all that it is without, is within. I will guide you and safely hold space for you to allow what is within you to flow into universal love. I will assist you in opening and restoring the energy body to its original state. To open from within and to expand outwards where you meet and become one with what is.

In her space she works with truth, and holds sincere respect for honesty. Her teaching as a Yogini, is a space of freedom from any cultural belief system – out beyond the “taboo” that restricts the essence of life. Into a space of where you rediscover yourself, and being in full acceptance of Who You Are. A profound personal journey to the realization of universal love.

I am here to work with you as a man or a woman, in discovering your own true self.

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