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Name: Nature & Health
Address: ChinaTown, London, Central
Phone Number: 020 7734 8081
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Acupuncture, Massage, Chinese Herbs
Therapists introduction
Nature and Health is a Chinese medical centre based in London's Chinatown and located less than 1min from Leicester Square tube station [please see video].We specialize in the treatment of.1.Eczema,Acne,Dermatitis,Hair loss,Psoriasis2.Neck Pain, Back Pain,Lumbago, Stiff muscles,Arthritis,Sciatica,Rheumatism,Tennis Elbow,M.E.3.Stress,Anxiety,Insomnia,Fatigue,Depression.4.Cold & Flu,Hay fever,Sinus, Rhinitis,Sore Throat5.Migraine,Headache,Indigestion,Gastritis,Constipation,IBS,Colitis,Asthma,Bronchitis,Coughs,Heart problems,High blood pressure.6.Menopaue,Infertility,Impotence.7.Low sexuality,Impotent,Premature ejaculation,Male infertility,Prostate8.Stop Smoking,Lose weight and other allergic disorders and many more.Besides the above we offer Massage Treatment including full body,Foot massage, Relax massage and cupping.Massage costsÂ8-10minsÂ25-30minsÂ35-45minsÂ45-60minsCupping Â10-sessionAcupuncture Â30-sessionOpening HoursMonday-Thursday : 10.30am-10pmFriday-Saturday : 10.30am-11.30pmSunday : 11.00am-10.30pm

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