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Name: ManGo Massage
Address: shepherds bush, London, Central
Phone Number: 07460779331
Therapy Types: Sensual massage, swedish massage, tantric masage, body2body, nuru massage
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Therapists introduction
Welcome to the ManGo Massage



Welcome to the Mango!

Let us answer for few questions you might have.

What is Mango?

ManGo Massage is massage place where you can get swedish, body to body and NURU massages. We know you're tired of looking, with no perfect massage place to find. And there we are - place which suits your needs perfectly.

What do we offer?

We offer three types of massages. Swedish - which relax your muscles and more. Body to body - which gives you the erotic bliss. And NURU slippery massage - with original gel, gives you feelings you never had before. Please visit our website for more details about massages.

Where are we based?

In West London, Shepherds Bush. Just stone's throw from the station, Central Line.

How much?

We try to keep our prices as low as we can, to provide balance between great service we offer and amount to every pocket. Visit our website for more info about the prices.

What about the masseuses?

Everyday there are two masseuses, they are completely different to suit your needs. Just call and choose yourself.

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