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*Do you feel extremely tired? Are you stressed? Do you suffer from pain in your back/hips/shoulders, Sciatica, Arthritis? Do you get blocked sinuses? Asthma? Don't you think it's time for a spring clean?

*SHIATSU is the solution for you.

*What is shiatsu? Shiatsu is a treatment based on acupuncture points, energy/reflex zones and meridians of the body.

*Treatment is applied with firm but gentle pressure from thumb, palm, elbow or the knee of the therapist so is completely painless.

*How does that work? You keep your cloths on (preferably comfortable) and you lie down on a special shiatsu mattress on the floor.

*The therapist do a diagnosis to find out why you have your symptoms. The treatment will be either lying on the back or the front or the side or even sitting up on the mattress depending on the findings.

*The point of shiatsu is to rebalance your body's energy so as to facilitates own natural equilibrium enabling your body and mind to heal naturally.

*Shiatsu is a prevention treatment as well and will also improve your immune system, your aches and pains will either disappear or reduce dramatically, you will feel a lot more calmer and at ease even in your busy life, stress will become a thing of the past.

*Where? Your home or office, I will bring with me mattress and cushions or you can come to me (in Islington) if you prefer.

*Who to contact? Ken Tel: 07961 167221 or ken@yo-shiatsu.com

*How much? A Session will last 1 hour and is very reasonably priced £40 a session in-house at my shiatsu space in Islington or £50 a session at your home/office. (Generous discounts available for block bookings and group bookings.

*For people who are on low income I also have Sunday Low Cost Shiatsu Clinic, where you get a great treatment for £25.

*Shiatsu Society Membership No:7642 MRSS

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