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PeaceQuiet Massage sessions are invitation for the enquiry exploration of self. These sessions are offered by Shakti Verah someone who has never seen the commercial side of tantra appealing. These sessions are an almost effortless opportunity one has in separating the whole western tantric tricks to the actual reality of Pure and Simple Self Enquiry, which is all Traditional Tantra is here to help and support humanity with.

Depending in what people want to invest their energy with it is very easy to locate the genuine. Some are very happy to place their energy in distractions such as in looking for kundalini wakening, sexual tantric enlightenment, for the tantric perfect lover, the tantric orgasm from the heart, the tantric cosmic orgasms, cure for sexual dysfunction, sexual healing, luminous sex, which are all part of the great illusion-we are the body- from which all unhappiness and suffering arises.

If viagra and surgery cannot fix it how would a massage and chit chat would? Suppose that it does sort out penile dysfunctions, the point is TANTRA is concerned with eternity and this is all things beyond the body, which is beyond something transient which the grave as the only assurance about it. The dualistic body mind, the very belief that we are the body and that this material world is a reality has to be questioned and tested.
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