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Dalston, Islington, London, Greater London
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Tantric Massage, Prostate Massage, Lingam Massage, Tantric Tuition, Sexual Healing, Tantric Therapy

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In my sessions I relate to you with care and respect for your full humanity. I invite you to a journey of unwinding and opening to a deeper experience of full body pleasure. Through opening to pleasure our whole being becomes more alive. This is a beautiful and profound journey. We learn to know our sexuality and also our whole being in a deeper way. You may also come to deeply satisfying, even blissful experiences of your sexuality and pleasure, much beyond what we ordinarily experience. My tantric massage blends intuitive holistic massage to help your body to unwind, relax and open, and sensual touch to awaken and bring heightened pleasure to the whole body. Breathing techniques are used to relax and energise the body, helping you to go deeper in the experience. The different elements of breathing and touch combine for a profound and delightful journey of discovery. These same elements also combine for powerful therapeutic results. Tantric massage is great in bringing you to feel genuinely good about life and yourself, whether you need to de stress or lift your spirit and whether your burden is temporary or long term. It is effective with most sexual problems including premature ejaculation, erection poroblems and emotional difficulties around intimacy and sexuality. I have a background in classical holistic massage, Lomi Lomi and energy healing. I am also qualified in Tantric Massage. I use all these elements in an intuitive way to invite the body to let go, relax and open to a new depth of experience. The minimum length of an initial tantric massage session with me is 2hrs. For this I charge £160. I’m also very happy to offer longer sessions. I receive clients in Dalston, about 4 minutes walk from Dalston Kingsland overground station. I take calls 10am - 9pm Mon - Sat. Generally I receive clients 12am - 8pm Mon - Fri and am also available most Saturdays. You are very welcome to call me to find out more and to book a time. We can then also talk about your situation and how I could help you.
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