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swiss cottage, London, Greater London
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I’m a stunning, super sexy South African (Cape Town) Masseuse of Indian descent. Yes, I know, it’s rare breed, there aren’t many of us around...! 

I have a naughty streak ;) I like to go against the flow and do what feels right. 
I love sensuality and the job I do.. well... that's why I do it! 

I have a silly sense of humour and although politics are really important to me (leftie, eco friendly, animal friendly, yadda yadda) I don't tend to take a particularly po-faced or judgemental stance on things. I'm always happy to discuss the things I'm passionate about, but I'm equally happy keeping it light and laughing at the absurd.

You should book me if:
You're super tactile
You have a silly sense of humour
You don't hate pigeons
You're emotionally literate
You don't think feminism is a dirty word, or something that involves burning bras
You won't get embarrassed by me air drumming at every available opportunity
Or .. You just feel like lying back and getting a damn good massage with a masterly delivered slow BJ :o) 

For a genuine nude B2B tantric massage with BJ from a beautiful young Indian girl:

1Hr £110 (before £120)
1.5Hrs £160 (before £170)
2Hrs £210 (before £220)

Please note this is NOT a Full Personal Service!
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