Edita Gudynaite

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essex, London, Essex
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Therapy Types

Holistic massage
Deep tissue massage
Indian head massage
Vacuum therapy Starvac SP2
Cellulite treatment with vacuum massage

Therapists Introduction

Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology ITEC
Diploma in Holistic Massage ITEC
Diploma in Deep tissue massage FHT
Sertificate in Indian head massage
Sertificate in Starvac SP2 vacuum massage

Holistic massage or Deep tissue massage
60 min – £25/£30 (10am – 5pm)/ (5pm – 8pm)
90 min – £30/£40 (10am – 5pm)/ (5pm – 8pm)

Indian head massage 40 min - £25

SATRVAC SP2 massage
Anticelulitic massage
35 min - £25
60 min - £35
Classical massage combined with vacuum
30 min – £30
60 min – £40
90 min – £55

Starvac SP2 creates a partial vacuum on the skin surface and sucks up the skin between two mobile rollers located inside a suction cap. The spacing between the Vacuum Massage Cellulite Removal rollers adapts to the fold of the skin. While the Vacuum Massage Cellulite Removal suction cap moves , the skin fold is rolled and massaged, giving the unique massage-roller- suction action. Two spreading edges, located front and back of the rollers, increase the lymphatic draining effect, while the two additional rollers at each end of the working surface make it easy to move the suction cap.And my website http://www.editasmassagetherapy.co.uk
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