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wirral, Liverpool, Merseyside
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Holistic Tantric Touch (Massage) A journey into your senses With a particular focus and interest in the psychosexual and relationships I offer a professional massage for men, women and couples where the focus is on you. A time to forget the pressures of the outside world. A time for you to lay back, be still, and journey into yourself. A part of tantra is all about being aware of your 5 senses however in our busy lifestyle of today we take them for granted. On your first session and by candlelight your senses will be woken by music, smells, taste and touch, complemented by a long relaxing sensate filled massage where every part of your body is woken to different sensations. Your emotions are taken on a wonderful journey. All performed by expert and knowledgeable hands. Your body and mind alive yet relaxed will fuel your sense of wellbeing for days to come. The subtle repercussions of such a massage are immeasurable and timeless.The session lasts for 2 1/2 hours. Please feel free to contact me for any further information
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