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lancaster gate, London, Central
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075315147 11

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My name is Denise and I'm a lovely young girl, more the Girl next door type and I have almost 3 years experience in massage. I have been a masseuse back in Spain but moved here recently to be an independent masseuse in the big city.

People say I am intelligent, funny and outgoing. I enjoy going out with my friends, walks in the park or a good wine, same as travelling to sunny locations and relaxing outside. When it's rainy(which happens way too often in London) I like staying inside, reading a nice book and drinking warm tea.


Dress size: UK 10-12
Curvy in the right places, flat tummy
Breast size: 36D natural
...pretty busty
Hair: Blonde - medium length
Height: 5ft5 - petite
Feet size: 37.5

Skin: naturally tanned.

075 315 147 11

See you soon,

In my body to body massage I combine Deep tissue(strong) massage with Swedish(more sensual massage) and Tantric healing techniques plus that I end the massage with the Tantric Lingham massage(the penis massage).

You will be face down on the massage table and I start by massaging your shoulders and back, after I go lower and massage your bum with extra CC swipes and go to the Lingahm(penis) every now and then to massage it. I will also stay on top of you(naked) and do body to body massage, which means I will not only massage you with my hands but with my entire body as well using warm organic oil - very sensual and exciting experience for both of us I might add.

I will massage your legs and feet before you will be able to turn around and see my naked body on top of yours. This is when the magic behind as you will be able to see everything I do, as I will slide my naked bust and body all over yours…..and as I end with the Lingham massage you will feel like being papered by an angel.

Come for a slice of heaven !!!!

If you choose a 90 minutes session you get to choose by adding an assisted shower or to massage me
…or in a 2 hours complete session where I can join you in the shower plus you can massage me.
Choose what is better suited for you and your wishes.

150£ for 1 hour
230£ for 90 minutes
280£ for 2 hours complete service

075 315 147 11

See you soon,

Paddington, Bayswater, Queensway, Lancaster Gate, Royal Oak all close to me

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