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south kensington, London, Central
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Genuine Tantric Massage in Central London

Welcome to Tantric Tranquility. We offer Genuine, Bespoke Tantric Massage for Gentlemen, Ladies and Couples.
We are Centrally Located in South Kensington and are open Monday to Saturday 11am -9pm

Summer Special Offer: Please call for details


 Just delightful..


Dear Butterfly you were wonderful the eye gazing was a lovely way to meet you and begin to see who you were and undressing me was truly lovely just wonderful..


It was an unbelievable massage. Such small hands bring such pleasure.


I came to Butterfly with a few private issues to sort out. I had problems with male prematurity and I guess after 10 years of marriage and having to re-adjust to the children coming along, I had lost my confidence and my way. I wanted to learn something new and I wanted to learn how to please my wife always, not just when she was in the mood. I worked with Butterfly over the course of a few months and undertook her pleasure training course. It was a wonderful experience. Butterfly was always very sensitive to my needs, understanding, and loving.

By learning how to understand my body properly, and learning how to understand the female body in detail, I quickly became a seasoned lover. With her help, I learned how to master myself and became multi-orgasmic, which was a surprise as my intention was only to learn male mastery/control.

My wife and I now have a fantastic sex life, we are closer than ever and often incorporate the techniques that I learned with Butterfly in our love life on a regular basis. I would recommend this course to any male interested in broadening their own horizons, learning how to master themselves, or learning how to recreate the missing link.

It was very much worthwhile.

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