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notting hill, London, Greater London
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erotic massage
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Hello :)
My name is Dita, I'm a 23yo burlesque performer and a part-time independent masseuse specializing in genuine NUDE B2B Sensual Tantric experience. I am the perfect woman for those who seek once in a lifetime experience. Whether you seek a relaxing full body massage, a higly erotic experience or a sensual encounter, I will take you on a full-blown, passionate adventure.

I am a sensual, charismatic and very energetic young woman of Portuguese heritage. When you first meet me you will find me very seductive, intuitive and insightful. People say I shine and I like to believe that I radiate the passion I have ins:de. Standing at 5'5 with natural, long, blond hair, blue eyes, a small size 8 and classical, delicate features I am constantly referred to as a beauty although to me my most important and outstanding features are my zest for life coupled with my eagerness to discover and learn.

Giving or receiving a massage is a profoundly sensual experience, you are potentially allowing a stranger to touch, str0ke and massage you in ways that you wouldn't ordinarily experience. An erotic massage allows you to experience that sensual touch without fear, just pleasure and enjoyment.

Every part of your body will at some point be touched during the massage (unless you request areas be avoided), using a luxurious aromatherapy massage. My hands will glide over and caress your body... starting on the back of the body with the feet and moving upwards, you will then be asked to turn over where we start with the neck and shoulders and work down the front of the body, including arms, hands and feet.

The massage of the lingam (sanskrit for penis, loosely translated as wand of light) including the penis, test:cles, per:neum and sacred sp0t (pr0state) allows you to surrender to a form of pleasure you may not be used to. This isn't a rub and tug massage, the lingam massage is a very powerful, sacred element of the treatment - by this time I hope you are relaxed and at ease, ready to explore and enjoy the pleasure of such intimate touch to a point of re1ease... a fabulous BL0W J0B which I LOVE giving..!!

After such a powerful experience it is nice to enjoy it, following re1ease there is very much a feeling of pleasure, and well-being.It is important to take time to enjoy this so we spend a few minutes fin:shing off with some very light gently massage to str0ke and calm the body and help ground you again.

details on website: www.body-2-body.co.uk

See you very soon :)
Dita xx

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