Authentic Tantric Massage
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Leyton, London, Greater London
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Authentic Tantric Massage - get in touch with your Self, Prostate Massage, Naturist Massage, Sexological Bodywork, Mindfulness Coaching. Also on offer, fully clothed Professional Cuddle sessions (£80/hour).

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Sarani Premanjali is German, tall, slim and attractive, and a mature, highly skilled and sought after practitioner. She also facilitates workshops, and holds an MA in Public Health. Trained in Tantra since 2004 with national and international teachers, fully trained in Authentic Tantric Massage with 6 years experience, she also worked for a charity to provide Mindfulness courses for women in shelters, and she has 25 years of Bodywork experience, being a Shiatsu and Reiki Practitioner. She also has a dance and performance background, which makes her highly creative. Her aim is to be fully present to you and your needs at all times of the session, to facilitate an experience where you can deeply relax and feel the Aliveness at your core, and rediscover who you really are. Integrity and respect are paramount to her work.

Via reconnecting to Source we are able to tap into our original connection with our vital energy, and sexuality plays a big part in that. Clients notice immediately that I can see them as they are, be lovingly present, and hold the space for all aspects of themselves. 

Authentic Tantric Massage sessions (minimum time 1.5 hours, £100/hour) take place in a cosy, candle-lit space, and start with us settling down on the sofa for a short chat, and specific breathing techniques, which will help you let go, arrive in your body, and relax. I work on a futon on the floor which allows for expressive movement (encouraged, but not required) in a naturist setting. Touch would be one way only. I use hot organic coconut oil to massage every bit of your body, using energy work and specific sequences for you to relax into a deep erotic trance. Every Tantric Massage session includes lingam or yoni massage and can include an expert and hugely enjoyable prostate massage for men. Prepare to be Amazed! Write an email to, or call me on 07948916402.
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