Frequently Asked Questions

I have contacted a therapist but they haven't responded... what's going on?
MassagetheUK does not take responsibility for any individuals actions.
I am NOT a qualified massage therapist can I still advertise on the site?
Yes sure.
I am a Therapist and have signed up, how long will it be before my profile is on the site?
It takes on average 24 hours but can take up to 48 hours and every profile submitted is checked before it goes live.
Is there any reasons that you wont allow a profile to go on the site?
All entries are subject to consideration and any profile can be amended or cancelled at anytime.
How do I pay?
You can set up a direct debit with us or you can make 'pay as you go payments' again by paying into our account.
How much do the Feature boxes cost?
The Feature boxes cost £20  a day £40  a week £120  a month or £300  for three months. The premiums are £45 a week or £160 a month and the Deluxes are £55 a week or £200 a month. (You also get a free feature box with the deluxes)
I want to change my profile details but I can't amend them once set in my profile... how do I change my details and photos?
Just login to your account by clicking on the login tab, you can then edit your profile including changing images etc. Once changed all edits need to be authorised by ourselves which can take up to 24hrs but usually its quicker.
Can I get a refund after I place my advert.
No sorry once a Ad is paid for and placed live on the site there is no refund to be given.
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